Mystech (mystech) wrote in not_hiptop,

Blackberry 8700g as a Modem

bb8700g.jpgI'd heard a lot of scatter-shot chatter around about using various Blackberry devices as a modem for your laptop. Various instructions were contradictory, vague or very provider/model specific, so I decided to give it a try and fiddle with various settings to see if it could be done under my situation. This article is the result of my trial and error. As a disclaimer, I only have the Blackberry 8700g, Windows XP Pro, T-Mobile Unlimited Internet service plan (non-BES) to test with. I cannot test other configurations, but I'd be delighted to hear about your findings. There are a LOT of screen shots in this article. My apologies to the mobile visitors, but I felt the additional clarity was worth the bandwidth inconvenience.

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