Mystech (mystech) wrote in not_hiptop,

Continuing Impressions of the Blackberry 8700g

Battery life… tethered as I am to a desk for a solid five days a week, where a power strip is never more than a stubbed toe away, I don’t always give battery life of my mobile devices as rigorous consideration as I probably should. My previous Sidekick II could just barely make its way to the two-day mark before it began its pitiful drones for power. Anyone who has owned one knows exactly the sound I’m talking about. I think it was scientifically developed to make you feel like an abusive pet owner. This morning I’m staring at my Blackberry 8700g which hasn’t seen a charger since it arrived five days ago. While I consider myself only a moderately heavy user, engaging in about a dozen short, about the same number of texts and about an hour and a half of web browsing a day, I’m delighted to see three of five power bars still solidly lit!

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