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Former Sidekick/Hiptop User

Afternoon, mkb_cbr ran across my entries about my Sidekick/Hiptop experience and search for an alternative after breaking mine (for good this time, grin) and asked if I would cross post them here. Hope you find these useful:

Mobile Phone Replacement Thoughts
I did a little more research on smart phone replacements for my dead/decomposing Sidekick. As we speak it sits and occasionally chirps pitifully at me. Some of these pathetic sounds are phone calls that I occasionally can answer by energetically pounding buttons at random. Others seem to be phantom electrical shorts as the damaged circuitry guts slide and shift around within.
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Blackberry 8700g Impressions
This will be a series of ongoing posts as I acclimate to my new phone. There will be a lot of comparision to my old phone the Sidekick 2, because they both will be fulfilling a very similar role in my life. Right out of the box, I experienced a slight pang of nostalga for the “kewl” factor of the Sidekick. As trivial as it is, I do miss the way the screen flipped up and over on the Sidekick. In comparison the Blackberry 8700g isn’t sexy in the same way, but I quickly learned that opinion of what is sexy in a phone are just as varied as they are with people.
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Take care.
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