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More MPx Info

Now that someone has a engineer's MPx in their hands, the info is finally flowing. It has to be understood that his device is not running final hardware or firmware, but we can get a general idea of some things.

Here's some pics:
handheld -
external screen hotness
external screen hotness
close-up of the keyboard
close-up of the keyboard

A link to the MPx manual (PDF) -

Some informative quotes (pulled from 11 pages of posts) from Mark (the lucky MPx owner):
" the WiFi and the BEAUTIFUL CONSTRUCTION!! It's very pretty...really pissed I don't have a case for it right now as I don't want to get the finish scratched."

"Processor is an OMAP 733 195mhz processor... The ROM date...June 16, 2004...I was told that the 733 would replaced with a "Motorola Only" chip for the MpX...something similar to the 1510 used in the 6300...but better....specifically that it would be as fast as the 400mhz iMate I showed the Motorola engineer.."

"...the Landscape mode while using the keyboard makes for some very quick data input for a complete novice like me. The keys have a clear plastick raised center that photos don't a great solution for tacticle feel when typing to differentiate between keys...really smart!! Keys have a soft "tic" for auditory confirmation of input as well as a soft spring like response to your finger. Everything is intuitive in the bar, back keys, enter, etc.. Dpad will move you through the screen without using the stylus."

"Stylus input requires a steady hand a little pressure. Smaller screen means smaller target and the touch screen is a bit stiff..gotta press alittle harder than the iMate's. Beautiful Bright Screen though....movies look very good on it.."

"This Pocket PC comes with "Profiles" just like a nice cell phone and alot of other "phone" enhancements that are not found on the iMate. The outside window and keys are "smart" allowing you to connect with various phone, and PDA funtions without having to open the phone"

"Remember Guys I've Got a Proto-Type!! This is not the final production model and no self-respecting engineer or company would sell this to the public in it's current crippled state. I'm sure that the production units will have ample memory available for program and storage."
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